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Teaching Module

A teaching module is a set of instructional materials organized in such a manner as to address a specific topic such as the origin of scientific names, design concepts applied to landscape plans, plant stresses during plant establishment, produce handling for food safety or appropriate use of technology.  

Each Submission Must include:

  1. Title
  2. Author
  3. Description
  4. Learning goals for the item
  5. Appropriate audience
  6. A list of key references (cited or suggested)
  7. A list of credits (if appropriate)
  8. Keywords (separate keywords or phrases with a comma)
  9. Source URL (if item is stored online) OR
  10. PDF file for upload
  11. Supporting presentational materials.*
  12. A basic set of questions or an assignment.**

Review Criteria


  1. The material presented is accurate, scientifically correct.
  2. Stated learning goals are appropriately addressed.
  3. The material is appropriate for the target audience.
  4. Material can be easily incorporated by others.
  5. Appropriate references are cited.                                                 


  1. The format is appropriate for a presentation of the subject matter.
  2. The text is clearly written and easily understood.
  3. Graphics/multimedia elements are appropriate and enhance learning of the subject matter.
  4. Length is appropriate for the subject matter covered.
  5. There is an element of creativity and/or originality.

*Supporting presentation materials include: PowerPoint, YouTube video or other presentation item(s) that supplement the teaching module.

**A Basic Set of Questions or an Assignment designed to demonstrate student mastery of the stated learning outcomes.