Teaching Wedding Floral Consultations Through Role Play



Teaching Wedding Floral Consultations Through Role Play


James M. DelPrince, Ph.D., AIFD, PFCI


The process of marketing and selling wedding flowers is arguably more important than the artistry of the designs. Helping students, whether they are in for-credit courses, Extension workshops or professional florist short courses, understand the components and techniques of a wedding floral sales consultation can be challenging. Typical lectures or reading assignments can be tedious and inadvertently omit deeper learning opportunities reviews and discussions can provide. Observing a real life wedding consultation would be invasive and is likely impractical. Role play may provide the option to observe how a client is taken through a wedding floral consultation.

Learning goals for the item

Be able to conduct a professional wedding flower consultation:
List in order the five sections of a wedding floral consultation.
Understand why a florist needs specific information from a client.
Explain why timing and schedule are important, including photography.
Demonstrate why a florist should use suggestive selling techniques for add on sales?
Explain the importance of setting and following terms of sale and closing?
Recommend ways you can help a floral client to be organized/prepared for a consultation?

Appropriate audience

Floral design teachers in high schools, Extension, colleges and universities, and industry

Supporting presentation materials

Wedding Floral Consultation Format* (handout)

Conducting a Wedding Flower Consultation* (lecture notes)

How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers* (handout)

A basic set of questions or assignments designed to demonstrate student mastery of the stated learning outcomes


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Keywords (separate keywords or phrases with a comma)

Floral design, wedding flowers, wedding floral design, bridal flowers, wedding floral sales consultation

Review Summary

Role playing when compared to other methods of teaching wedding consultation provides a genuine learning experience that students are more likely to retain.

The organization outlined herein is a great step forward to help implement the role playing concept. Many excellent suggestions are made along with processes to follow.

The role playing for a wedding floral design consultation withing this teaching module provides a direct application of content presented in a previous lecture. The amount of time role playing would take for a large class needs to be taken into consideration, but there are solutions to this problem.

Anyone who has actually done a wedding floral design consultation could use this material, but those who do not have a Floral background might not be able to understand some of the questioning techniques used in the lecture content.

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