Relative Disease Ratings for Wine Grape Varieties Grown in Vermont



Relative Disease Ratings for Wine Grape Varieties Grown in Vermont


Terence Bradshaw & Lorraine P. Berkett


Relative comparison of disease susceptibility for several cold-hardy winegrapes commonly grown in the notheastern U.S.

Learning goals for the item

1. Understand the concept of disease susceptibility in a plant or cultivar. 2. Provide information on relative disease susceptibility to grape diseases for key cold-hardy hybrid cultivars.

Appropriate audience

Grape growers, consultants, nursery professionals.



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Weigle, T. and Muza, A. 2016. New York and Pennsylvania pest management guidelines for grapes. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. Smiley, L.A. and Cochran, D. 2016. A review of cold climate grape cultivars. Iowa State University Extension publication HORT 3040, Ames, IA. Dami, I., Bordelon, B., Ferree, D., Brown, M., Ellis, M., Williams, R. and Doohen, D. 2005. Midwest grape production guide. Ohio State University Extension publication 919-05, Columbus, OH.

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Terence Bradshaw & Lorraine P. Berkett, authors

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Vitis spp., cold-hardy hybrids, integrated pest management, disease management, sustainable fruit production

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Review Summary

This fact sheet starts with a brief explanation of the disease triangle (although not named as such) and the concept of resistance and susceptibility. It then includes a table summarizing a compilation of disease ratings from sources listed at the end of the table and observations from Vermont vineyards. The table covers common grapes grown in Vermont with disease susceptibility rating for seven grape diseases. Very nice extension tool for the wine grape industry. This fact sheet is short and to the point, getting growers what they want and need to know without a lot of extra background information. The easy layout makes the fact sheet readable and useable. The clear description of the components of the disease triangle in the first paragraph will be educational to readers not already familiar with this concept. Susceptibility ratings are provided for grape varieties of interest to Vermont and other cold climate region growers. The clean and clear disease comparisons will help growers make varietal decisions. Resistance capability, an important component of IPM, is included. Clear, straightforward graphics illustrate concepts well. The use of “+”, “++”, or “+++” is useful in the table for expressing susceptibility.

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