Plants for a Livable Delaware

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Plants for a Livable Delaware


Susan Barton and Gary Schwetz


A 23-page color bulletin that explains the problem with invasive plants in the landscape. Ten invasive plants that are still bought and sold in the nursery trade are highlighted and alternatives that fulfill the same functions and aesthetic value in the landscape are suggested for each invasive plant.

Learning goals for the item

1. Raise awareness of the problem of continuing to plant invasive plants in the planned landscape.
2. Knowledge of 10 invasive plants that are currently bought and sold in the nursery trade.
3. Identification of 7-10 alternative species that will perform the same function in the landscape.

Appropriate audience


Keywords (separate keywords or phrases with a comma)

Invasive plants, native plants, alternative plants

Review Summary

Plants for a Livable Delaware is an extension bulletin focused on educating the public about some of the problem plants that are still being bought and sold in the nursery trade in the Mid-Atlantic region. The introduction is important but a little “text heavy.” Once the main content of the booklet begins, the text is clearly written and easily understood. A variety of appropriate alternate plants that can be used in the landscape are provided for each invasive species and most choices are native. Clear photos accompany most, but not all of the alternate plant suggestions. No references are cited or provided for additional information.

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