Vegetable Gardening in South Dakota



Vegetable Gardening in South Dakota


Rhoda Burrows


Basic information on planning, planting, and maintaining a vegetable garden. Also includes information on cover crops, and on produce storage.

Learning goals for the item

Inexperienced gardeners will learn basic essentials of site preparation, planting, fertilizing, watering, harvesting & storing vegetables.

Appropriate audience

Primarily beginning gardeners, but the tables are useful references for any gardener.


HortIM 17

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Review Summary

Vegetable Gardening in South Dakota This material has been reviewed as accurate and scientifically correct. The material is appropriate for the target audience of inexperienced gardeners; even provides information for more experienced gardeners as well. The bulletin starts with placing the garden; gives recommendations on what and how to plant; discusses strategies such as raised beds and succession planting; and management strategies (including irrigation, weed control, fertilization and mulching. Insect and disease control are mentioned. Photographs are included and useful charts provide storage requirements for fresh vegetables, cover crop recommendations, and planting details for specific crops. Figures specify last spring frost dates and average first fall frost for the state of South Dakota. Material in this publication can be incorporated by others, but most appropriately those in a similar climate. It is a tome on gardening in the north. The values listed on page 9 for the amount of P and K are actually for the oxides rather than absolute P and K. There are no references cited. Overall this is a useful and well done publication.

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“Vegetable Gardening in South Dakota,” ASHS HortIM™, accessed July 16, 2019,


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